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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s post on our blog, we are going to tell you about 18 such Google Chrome shortcuts that will speed up your browsing speed. By the way, almost a lot of people use Google Chrome for browsing, sometimes we have to move the mouse to open the second tab. So sometimes to open the download manager we have to go to 3dot bottom and download manager from there Have to do. Here we will discuss some such shortcuts which will help you a lot in the sense of browsing. So stay tuned with us and subscribe to our channel to get such fun tricks and knowledge full content.

1. Manage Chrome Tabs and Windows

Friends, the first shortcut that comes is about the seconds tab, we always keep drawing something, if we suddenly have to open a second type, then without moving the mouse, how can we just use the seconds app You can open it by varius type here, here we have told four to five shortcut tricks, you can open the second app very easily using someone.

One new Tab Ctrl + T
Open New Window Ctrl + N
Switch Chrome Tabs Ctrl + Tab
Switch chrome tabs on Mac Cmd + Option + right or Left arrow
Open Link in a new tab Ctr l+ Click
Open Link in a new window Shift + Click
  1. Close Active Tab

Friends, sometimes we open a lot of tabs in our browser. To close them all, we have to move the mouse over there and close them all one by one. It takes a lot of time. Here we are going to discuss some shortcuts that you can quickly close all tabs using your keyboard.

Close Active Tabs Ctrl + W
Close All Active Tabs Ctrl + Shift + W

3. Reopen Close Tab

Sometimes friends, we are in such a hurry that nobody wants to close the tabs, yet it is accidentally closed. In this case, if we need to open the same tab again, we can easily open it using some shortcuts.

Reopen Closed Tab Ctrl + Shift + T

4. Open Incognito Mode

If you want to do some private browsing, then in this case we can easily close and open private browsing tabs by using some cool shortcuts.

Open Incognito Mode Ctrl + Shift + N
Close Incognito Mode Ctrl + Shift + W

5. Webpage Shortcuts

Some of most important and helpful shortcuts which can help you to navigate through web pages. if want to expand your chrome webpages experiences, you most know these shortcuts.

Go Back Alt + Left arrow
Go Forward Alt + Right arrow
Go back on Mac Cmd + [
Go Forward on Mac Cmd + ]
Save the page Ctrl + S
Print the page Ctrl + P
Search the page Ctrl + F

6. Refress the Page

Whenever we need to refresh the page, then we click on the reference button, but using this shortcuts, you can easily refresh the page.

Refresh web page Ctrl + R, Or F5
Refresh page without cached Ctrl + Shift + R
  1. Zoom In and Out

Sometimes we also need to zoom the page. In this case we go to the 3dot button and click the zoom button from there, then we address the address by zooming in or out of the page there, but it can be made easier by using some shortcuts.

Zoom in Ctrl +Plus Key (+)
Zoom Out Ctrl + Minus Key (-)
Default Size Web page Ctrl + 0

8.  Google Chrome Functions: 

Friends, we are going to tell you about some Google Chrome function keys here. By using it, you will be able to use all the options given in Google menus through your keyboard.

Open History Ctrl + H
Open History on Mac: Cmd + Shift + J
Open Downloads Ctrl + J
Open Downloads on Mac Cms + Shift + J
Bookmarks the Current page: Ctrl + D
Jump to the Address Bar Ctrl + L

9. Show or Hide Bookmarks Bar

Sometimes we visit some important sites which are saved in bookmarks. Sometimes our bookmarks get hydrated or we have to hide. So how can we do that thing? If you want to do it in Genuine way then you have to go to Google menu and from there you can hide or sleep bookmarks. If this thing is done a little more quickly, you can do it with the help of shortcuts through your keyboard.

Show Bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + B
Hide Bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + B

10. Switch Chrome User

If you have added more than 1 user to your Google Chrome browser, you can switch the user with the help of your keyboard without moving the mouse. Below are some shortcuts for that you can use

Switch User Account Ctrl + Shift + M

11. Perform Google Search From Anywhere

This shortcut is much more fun. If you have visited somewhere on the web page and from there you want to search for anything on Google. So you have to press Control Plus K and from there you will open a search box. Where aap can search for anything. One thing to note here is that when you press Control Plus K on a web page, we can get some other action. This shortcut does not work in that case.

Open Google Search Box Anywhere Ctrl +K


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